Modes of intervention

We propose 3 modes of intervention


In consulting for the realisation of diagnoses and the formulation of recommendations to improve the performance of our customers on our trades.



  • Benefit from pragmatic and personalised services to support your transformation, diagnostic and scoping projects…
  • Our consultants have an expert eye for your needs and provide an external and cross-functional vision that is essential to ensure that your issues are resolved
  • Thanks to our proven methodology, we offer you tailor-made support in your strategic choices and provide you with recommendations that are perfectly suited to your needs within defined deadlines


In operational assistance to strengthen our customers’ operational system with the contribution of a competent, equipped and committed team.



  • Ask for the deployment of our operational assistance services at key moments of your projects while keeping their complete management
  • Our consultants lead, coordinate and develop the skills of your teams
  • Our methodology guarantees flexibility and performance, while respecting your priorities and deadlines


In outsourcing or BPO to take charge of all or part of a client’s operations, whether in a “project platform” Organisation, service centre, or even on a time-sharing basis.



  • Take advantage of our consultants’ expertise to speed up your projects
  • Our consultants are at your disposal to provide you with their experience and expertise at any time
  • Our flexible and scalable methodology allows you to outsource all or part of your project, guaranteeing you regular reporting and assistance tailored to your needs