Project Management

Meotec secures the success of projects and the achievement of their strategic objectives.

The challenges of Project Management

We put our know-how in Management Control at the service of what is really at stake in your business :


Structuring the business project, securing product launches, deploying an industrial or logistics plan, successfully integrating acquisitions, successfully internalising, passing milestones and getting through
growth crises.


Performing well in the pre-sales phase, winning tenders and executing contracts signed with your clients, operating well in subcontracting and co-contracting projects.


Evolving methods and organisations, deploying new information systems, professionalizing project management, changing governance to be more effective in decision-making, developing synergies.


Comply with standards and regulations, guarantee the safety of people, property and data.


Successful reorganisations, ensuring the transfer of industrial or tertiary sites, guaranteeing the performance of your innovation processes, bringing your digital transformation to life, meeting societal and environmental expectations.

Our expertise in Project Management

Leadership and Project Management


Project Portfolio Management (PPM)


Assistance to the project owner


Bid Management


Change management

We propose 3 modes of intervention


In consulting for the realisation of diagnoses and the formulation of recommendations to improve the performance of our customers on our trades.


In operational assistance to strengthen our customers’ operational system with the contribution of a competent, equipped and committed team.


Outsourcing or BPO to take charge of all or part of a customer’s operations, whether in a “project platform” Organisation, a service centre, or even on a time-sharing basis.

Business Cases

Discover some of the services we provide to our clients to illustrate our skills, our know-how and the
solutions we provide to the business problems encountered within different organisations.


Banking Sector – International Key Account


The Innovation, Technology and IT for Businesses department is the group entity that is inventing the information systems of tomorrow’s retail banking. Its main challenge: to rapidly design and deliver simple and innovative, scalable and secure IT solutions, inspired and designed with customers, while guaranteeing quality on a daily basis.


As part of the transformation of the French networks, Meotec is in charge of steering the rationalisation framework studies for the 20 Customer Services Sectors and building tomorrow’s operating model.


      • Framing of the homologation strategy with the aim of automating and industrialising the clusters while guaranteeing functional consistency.
      • Impact of risks and dependencies on the Information Systems of the 1st regional reOrganisation programme of the Customer Services Sectors in Bordeaux and Toulouse.
      • Impacts of risks and dependencies of the Information Systems of the 2nd regional programme of reOrganisation of the Customer Services Poles in Lyon and Grenoble.


Agricultural Sector – International Key Account


The Upstream division brings together a dozen professions serving agricultural sectors, but also at the heart of the transformation of agricultural models in France and abroad.


Synergies between historically separate businesses (seed manufacturing, port logistics, digital, plant protection, insurance, etc.) are the areas of differentiation of the Group’s strategy.

Meotec is in charge of supporting the Group in the transformation of its organisation.


  • Conducting interviews with members of the Management Committee
  • Carrying out a diagnosis and presenting the results
  • Facilitation of a seminar of the steering committee
  • Launch of 10 founding and federating projects sponsored and piloted by CODIR members
  • Reflection on the Organisation model
  • Detailed design and costing
  • Realisation of a business case and a business plan


Pharmaceuticals Sector – International Key Account


Every day, thousands of medicines are dispensed to patients in pharmacies and hospitals. However, “fake” medicines are being introduced into legal distribution channels.

National and international authorities have therefore created new regulations requiring the introduction
of a serial number (unique identifier) aimed at ensuring full and secure traceability throughout the value
chain of the medicinal product, from the laboratory to the patient.


The Group has launched a cross-functional programmeme aimed at implementing a single identifier in all Group countries.

Meotec is involved in the deployment of the chosen solution to centralise all the data required for serialisation, aggregation, traceability and communication with national and/or European databases for medicinal products.


  • Supporting subsidiaries and partners in the deployment of the solution
  • Organisation and validation of the system as a whole
  • Drafting and improvement of internal processes


Pharmaceuticals Sector – International Key Account


Following a re-organisation of the Group’s IT teams, a PPM department dedicated to supporting the project teams was created.


The PPM platform is organized around 2 teams:

  • Staffing & Sourcing
  • Financial Tracking

Meotec is in charge of implementing processes and tools to standardize practices, save time for project teams and identify sources of savings.


  • Staffing/Sourcing the best experts/PM/PPM on projects
  • Monitoring of performance and proposal for reassignment of profiles
  • Improvement of the supplier relationship and proposal of contract synergy.
  • Accompaniment of MPs in their financial and budgetary choices for projects
  • Steering & Continuous monitoring of expenditure by project and anticipation of financial risks in line with the objectives of the finance department.

Administration – Public Procurement Sector


With the aim of modernising, simplifying and making civil status procedures more fluid, the ESSOC law of 10 August 2018 provides for a three-year experiment aimed at the dematerialisation of the establishment, management, issue and conservation of civil status documents held by the MEAE.


Meotec is in charge of:

  • Modernizing civil status through the dematerialisation of authentic electronically signed documents
  • Simplify user procedures by setting up tele-procedures.
  • Reduce costs associated with paper mailings

Redesign information systems to provide SCEC and consular officials with a more centralised and ergonomic tool.


  • Drafting of the general functional specifications of the project to exchange with the EOM
  • Definition of the needs of the State-Civil's business teams via working groups allowing the:
  • Creating mock-ups of the target tool
  • Specification of new needs related to the dematerialisation of teams and users
  • Implementation of acceptance and test procedures
  • Assistance in setting up communication
  • Assisting the EOM in arbitrating technical decisions

Biomedical Sector – International Leader


The Group’s heart prosthesis is undergoing clinical development with the aim of bringing it to market. The Group anticipates the commercial phase and pursues industrial development projects.


In collaboration with a company specializing in additive manufacturing, the Group wishes to meet the objectives of increasing production rates and reducing costs. He wants to increase the anatomical accounting while securing the assembly of the device.

Meotec is in charge of adapting the design and developing manufacturing processes for mechanical interfaces that meet the overall objectives.


  • Participation in workshops and in the choice of concepts to be developed
  • Support for planning the development of manufacturing processes and mechanical interfaces
  • Prioritization of manufacturing process development according to planning and development objectives
  • Follow-up of the update of the technical specifications of the prosthesis

Energy Sector – International key Account


Our client has launched an ambitious operational excellence program. Extended over three years, its objective is to generate annual savings of €1.1 billion by 2023. Organized in three successive waves of deployment, this program covers three distinct workstreams, corresponding to the client’s main businesses.

Each workstream is made up of taskforces, which are responsible for identifying the levers for generating savings and improving the Group’s productivity on a specific topic.


Meotec lent a hand to the Group’s Internal Consulting team, which was mobilized to help manage the project. The objective is to monitor the deployment of wave 1 levers, to pilot the progress of wave 2 taskforces, while providing operational support to the taskforce leaders.


  • Structuring of the process and implementation of a monitoring methodology
  • Follow-up of 30 taskforce leaders and operational monitoring of the deployment of levers in terms of savings objectives and planning (wave 1)
  • Monitoring the progress of 12 taskforces (wave 2)
  • Organizing, leading meetings, and preparing materials
  • Set up reporting, data consolidation and monthly presentations to the Direction
  • Interface and coordination with the global PMO team
  • Operational support to taskforce leaders

Industrial Sector – International key Account


Our client is a rank 1 equipment manufacturer for the aerospace, defense, and nuclear industries. They are working as an expert in Industrial Organization & Logistics on a project for the industrial storage of French nuclear waste in a deep geological layer.


Meotec is assisting the client in the drafting of optimization studies in Industrial Organization & Logistics for basic nuclear facilities, designed to receive and recondition most of the French high and medium level long-lived nuclear waste prior to their underground storage.


  • Determination of needs and respect of the adequacy of the load vs. capacity of the installations
  • Optimization studies to improve the layout and performance of waste package processing lines
  • Data crunching and analysis of forecasted delivery schedules
  • Flow study and process modeling
  • Proposals for possible optimizations
  • Establishment of the master plan of the installations
  • Drafting of technical studies

Luxury Sector – International key Account


With more than 1,000 expatriate employees worldwide, expatriations play a key role in the client’s human resources management.

To improve the employee experience and harmonize processes across the world, a global provider was selected to manage the relocation process for all the client’s international transfers.


Meotec supports the client in the management of the global International Mobility transformation project and participates in the design and deployment of a flexible benefits model for the expatriate, managed on a dedicated digital platform.

The mission is carried out in close collaboration with the global relocation provider.


  • Setting up the structure and governance of the project (methods, management tools, etc.)
  • Definition of the objectives and deadlines for the deliverables
  • Monitoring and measuring the progress of the project
  • Organization and animation of the steering committee
  • Harmonization of relocation processes worldwide
  • Design and deployment of a core & flexible services model allowing employees to make decisions about the relocation services they need
  • Streamlined administrative processes for HR and Finance departments
  • Change management support
  • Implementation of a communication strategy
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