Meotec secures the success of projects and the achievement of their strategic objectives.

Purchasing issues

We put the skills of our purchasing consultancy at the service of what is really at stake in your business:


Set up the Purchasing function within the company, develop it in line with professional and market standards, develop the professional and managerial skills of Buyers, publicise and promote the Purchasing function.


Ensuring day to day business throughout the entire process, managing the project or programmeme Purchasing function, carrying out calls for tenders, restructuring supplier panels, industrialising and deploying contracts, resolving disputes and supplier crises.


Reduce Purchasing costs and their management, mutualize, massify, maximize the experience of prescribers, carry out savings operations, develop tools and deploy a SIHA.


Bring the supplier resource into compliance with standards and regulations (e.g. RGPD), deploy the CSR policy among suppliers.


Ensuring the right balance between central and local organisations (business units, subsidiaries, countries), outsourcing all or part of the Purchasing function (BPO), driving the digital transformation of Purchasing, improving the ability of Purchasing to capture innovation, for example through relationships with start-ups and SMEs.

Our expertise on the Purchasing function

Direct & indirect operational purchases


Performance Improvement


Outsourcing of purchases


Cost reduction





We propose 3 modes of intervention


In consulting for the realisation of diagnoses and the formulation of recommendations to improve the performance of our customers on our trades.


In operational assistance to strengthen our customers’ operational system with the contribution of a competent, equipped and committed team.


In externalisation or BPO Outsourcing or BPO to take charge of all or part of a customer’s operations, whether in a “project platform” organisation, a service centre, or even on a time-sharing basis.

Business Cases

Discover some of the services we provide to our clients to illustrate our skills, our know-how and the
solutions we provide to the business problems encountered within different organisations.

Transport Sector – Public Procurement


Meotec holds a multi-year contract for outsourcing the purchase of works, intellectual services and supply services with SNCF RESEAU. The floor team mainly deals with markets below EUR 1 million.


Meotec is in charge of developing its activity within SNCF RESEAU on the national territory in order to meet a constantly growing demand.


  • Reception of consultations and development of the entire procurement process up to contract award
  • Securing the legal aspect in order to comply with the public procurement code as much as possible
  • Carrying out consultations by creating documents directly linked to SNCF RESEAU’s Purchasing strategy and maintaining permanent contact with suppliers.


Pharmaceuticals Sector – International Key Account


The Group’s Purchasing department, created just 5 years ago, is still very young and offers many opportunities for development and innovation. The mission of Clinical Purchasing within the R&D
Purchasing department is to support and advise R&D professions on their various needs.


Meotec is in charge of managing calls for tenders for clinical studies and outsourced service centres and then developing a purchasing strategy aimed at pooling, optimising and standardising the purchase of on-site services for the Group.


  • Launching calls for tenders for clinical studies
  • Realisation of Savings
  • Analysis of the needs of internal customers
  • Drafting of specifications with prescribers
  • Sourcing of suppliers
  • Launch of RFI / RFP / RFQ
  • Management of the relationship with suppliers (analysis of offers, commercial and contractual negotiations, contractualisation, monitoring of performance and deliverables and supplier & customer REX)
  • Implementation of a service purchasing strategy on the France site
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