Meotec is a firm committed to the success and professional development of its employees.

Our recruitment process and our ability to mobilize

Our consultants have a BAC+5, level of education, hold engineering, business or university degrees, and are fluent in English.
Each candidate follows at least 2 interviews, one to validate his/her motivation and the other to validate his/her skills; particular attention is paid to writing and presentation skills; a double reference check is systematically carried out.

Recruitment process

Meotec is betting on a demanding recruitment, both in terms of skills and know-how. For this we rely on :

Slide career english 2 interviews with a manager

Job Presentation
Motivation test
Evaluation of skills

Validation of technical achievements Role-playing (simulations...) Validation of life skills Signature & Presentation to managers Onboarding by promotion Start mission Accompaniment Capitalization Career development & access to the training catalogue

Career development

Our model is based on surpassing oneself, team spirit, involvement, honesty and transparency.

It is important for us to value and promote those human qualities that guarantee excellence, encourage collaboration in a respectful attitude towards others and ensure a healthy and motivating work environment.

As soon as they arrive, our employees embark on a career path that enables them to develop skills, versatility and expertise, but also to take on managerial and entrepreneurial responsibilities. The firm’s careers are centered on 3 key factors: merit, talent and boldness.

Responsible for the satisfaction of their customers & the capitalization of their know-how.

An experienced consultant, the Team Manager supervises and coaches a group of consultants working in his or her areas of expertise.

As a senior consultant, the Practice Leader supervises a team of consultants working on his Practice and develops the firm’s offers.

Management of a team of consultants & Responsible for the consolidation of customer relations.

Leading a team of business engineers & department heads, while contributing to the firm’s development.

Responsible for the development and performance of the firm.

Daily for a Team Manager at MEOTEC

What’s the everyday life of a team manager?

The Team Manager puts his experience at the service of the consultants to reinforce the quality of their interventions, the satisfaction of their clients and their sense of belonging to the firm. Its missions are as follows:

  • Functional supervision of a group of consultants working in their fields of expertise.
  • Day-to-day support for consultants in the accomplishment of their mission
  • Dissemination of know-how, good practices, methods and tools
  • Capitalisation of feedback


Trace & Formalize

  • Know-how is collected over the course of all our missions, through dematerialized processes that allow the capitalization of data.

Share & Broadcast

Feedback sheets and a toolbox are available online to our consultants from our intranet :

  • Projects directory
  • Toolbox

Exchange & Transmit

Our business communities animate know-how through

  • the organization of workshops open to our networks and clients
  • writing awareness or training manuals

Communities of trade experts, what is it?

Above all, they are talented consultants, passionate and committed to the success of our projects and the satisfaction of our clients.

Our communities of experts encourage interaction, develop links between employees and strengthen our business expertise by :

  • the capitalisation of know-how,
  • sharing experiences,
  • exchanges of methods, tools & best practices,
  • of the old trades.

Communities of business experts

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