Supply Chain

Our business skills at the service of your company

Supply Chain Challenges

We put our Supply Chain skills and tools to work for what is really at stake in your business:


To accompany the development of new markets or new products and services, to meet the ever-increasing demands of customers and suppliers.


To ensure the management of Supply Chain processes from supply to distribution, including commercial and industrial monitoring, and to guarantee that deadlines, quality, traceability and cost objectives are met.


Implementing continuous improvement plans, equipping or deploying tools and standards, optimising cost efficiency, improving service quality and user experience.


To ensure compliance with CSR, legal and regulatory standards, to guarantee and communicate their application on all flows of the Organisation from the raw material to the consumer.


Automating processes, anticipating and controlling volatility phenomena, relying on data and information technologies, adapting models to new ethical and environmental practices.

Our Supply Chain expertise

Performance Supply Chain




Production Management


Transport and Logistics


Sourcing and Procurement

We propose 3 modes of intervention


In consulting for the realisation of diagnoses and the formulation of recommendations to improve the performance of our customers on our trades.


In operational assistance to strengthen our customers’ operational system with the contribution of a competent, equipped and committed team.


In externalisation or BPO to take charge of all or part of a customer’s operations, whether in a “project platform” Organisation, a service centre, or even on a time-sharing basis.

Business Cases

Discover some of the services we provide to our clients to illustrate our skills, our know-how and the
solutions we provide to the business problems encountered within different organisations.

Automotive Sector – International Key Account


As part of its strategic plan, the Group has launched an ambitious multi-brand after-sales strategy.

The group offers a panel of spare parts at 3 levels: original parts, Eurorepair parts and parts from major equipment manufacturers.


Meotec is in charge of:

  • Deploy this after-sales strategy on a global scale.
  • Improve or enrich operating processes, particularly in the Supply Chain.
  • Finalise, deploy and implement business processes.


  • Implementation and optimisation of Supply Chain processes
  • Measurement of the impacts of logistics optimisation by different KPIs
  • Management of guaranteed returns and litigation of standard exchange parts and stock repurchases
  • Updating and enhancement of standards related to the scope of the Supply Chain
  • Supporting Key Account Manager teams in the management and operation of distributor stocks
  • Conducting audits to ensure the level of quality
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