Meotec is a team of close-knit, passionate and overflowing with projects.

MEOTEC is an international consulting firm with entrepreneurial values.

Our adventure began in 2005 and today we have a team of 400 close-knit, passionate and determined employees, overflowing with projects and who are living its transformation in France and abroad.

Our character and strength is based on:
A high level of requirement and professionalism in an atmosphere that is nevertheless resolutely relaxed and human,
The proximity of the employees combined with a lot of energy, support and mutual help,
The development of our talents, listening to their desires and ambitions,
The pride of participating in this project that makes us grow together.

Undertake, grow and flourish

Our employees are proof of this…

« Enable talented and committed people to take on projects they couldn’t do elsewhere. »

« Believe in a strategic development project and carry this project from the moment of the job interview. »

« Develop an idea, share it and turn it into a project that brings people together. »

« To constantly engage in a learning process, to be attentive to external opinions and to know how to challenge oneself »

« To project oneself into new countries with ambition. »

« Giving oneself the means to fulfil oneself with teams full of desire and energy. »

A consulting firm #engaged

Entrepreneurship & Development

MEOTEC is a firm of entrepreneurs, nearly 40 employees hold shares in the company’s capital.

MEOTEC operates in the Ile de France region and in other regions with the same level of requirements.

Social & Environmental Responsibility #RSE

MEOTEC practises the rounding on salary and subscribes to the benefit of 3 associations.

MEOTEC is a partner of the 4 students of ENSTA Paristech whose association « 4 sailors full of energy » is engaged in humanitarian, educational and environmental actions in Africa and South America.

MEOTEC has set up a «Mission Handicap» and participates in Disability Week (partnership).

MEOTEC is resolutely committed to reducing waste and CO2 emissions : dematerialisation of our processes (invoicing, pay slips), teleworking, implementation of selective sorting, recyclable consumables, etc.

Education & Training

MEOTEC regularly works on a voluntary basis with schools (ESSEC, IPSA, ENSTA, HEI, CentraleSupelec).

MEOTEC carries out skill-based sponsorship actions.

MEOTEC regularly recruits apprentices.


Words from MEOTEC employees

Meotec is also…


Since 2018, Meotec is proud to have been awarded the Happy at work label!

The seat is located in Boulogne-Billancourt, with a breathtaking view of the Seine and its famous table football!


As soon as you arrive, we offer you an integration course within a promotion in order to get to know us better, to understand our History, our Professions and our Values.

Every first Thursday of the month, come and share a good moment of conviviality between managers and consultants of all professions.

Activities are regularly proposed to meet us and get to know us better.


Each month, the CSE proposes a sports or cultural activity.

Our company network allows you to stay connected to the firm’s news, CSE offers, events, …

Every month, our newsletter allows you to get to know our consultants, our clients and our news.



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