IS & Technologies

Meotec ensures the success of projects and the achievement of their strategic objectives.

The challenges of IS & Technologies

Our IS/IT project managers, analysts and architects are dedicated to what is really at stake in your business:


Accompanying new projects and new areas of intervention, supporting the integration of subsidiaries and operating strategic partnerships, strengthening customer relations.


Leading structuring projects, managing the quality and continuity of services rendered to users, designing and leading technical and technological developments, providing solutions adapted to the needs of specifiers.


Improving user experiences, broadening the coverage of services rendered, relying on the best technological partners, reducing the overall cost of the Information System, choosing the right balance
between internalization and externalisation, promoting exchanges and collaborations.


Ensure compliance with norms and standards, guarantee compliance with security and data protection regulations, guard against the risk of attacking the company’s information assets, comply with new technical and technological standards.


Succeed in the digital transformation, invent new uses for products and services, develop new skills, establish strategic partnerships and optimise the innovation process, make strategic investments.

Our expertise on IS & Technologies

Management of IS projects


IS performance management


Management of IT outsourcing


We propose 3 modes of intervention


In consulting for the realisation of diagnoses and the formulation of recommendations to improve the performance of our customers on our trades.


In operational assistance to strengthen our customers’ operational system with the contribution of a competent, equipped and committed team.


Outsourcing or BPO to take charge of all or part of a customer’s operations, whether in a “project platform” Organisation, a service centre, or even on a time-sharing basis.

Business Cases

Discover some of the services we provide to our clients to illustrate our skills, our know-how and the
solutions we provide to the business problems encountered within different organisations.

Real Estate Sector – National Leader


With strong growth, the Group has embarked on an ambitious project to modernize and renew all or part of its activities.


Meotec is in charge of carrying out an inventory of the existing situation and proposing a roadmap for the evolution of information system tools and processes.


  • Elaboration of a prioritised roadmap
  • Recommendations from organisations
  • Governance recommendations


Aerospace Sector – International Key Account


As part of the maintenance of its military products, the Group’s subsidiaries are counting on their digital transformation to better address the challenges ahead.

The solutions addressed within the team are varied: virtual reality, augmented reality, data capitalisation, etc. and address areas such as predictive maintenance, training or simply improving business processes.


Meotec is in charge of:

  • Dematerialize processes, by integrating validation workflow solutions, and dematerialize quality control
  • Deploy a geolocation solution to know the location on site, in real time, of the 1,500 measuring devices to ensure permanent availability of equipment for the teams of technicians.
  • Ensure the project management of information system project for the management of major projects


  • Reduction of the validation process (from 15 to 3 days) and reduction of 20,000 papers, following dematerialisation
  • Improved ROI: savings of 80k€/year and time saving
  • Estimate of 10% of the expected gain on IS costs
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